What is this place?

Here you can download and share extensions, themes and widgets for BlogEngine.NET

Downloaded. Now what?

Extract content of downloaded .zip file using any archive manager.

1. All files from “content” folder go to corresponding locations in your blog’s root directory.
2. If extracted folder has “lib” directory all files from there go to “Bin” folder in your blog’s root.

You normally use FTP client like FileZilla to move files from local drive to the server where your blog lives.

Why do I have extra files in ZIP archive?

What you’ve downloaded actually a NuGet package, and extra files are meta-data used by NuGet. Adopting this format will let us do a whole lot more in the future, including things like auto-install/remove/update, version and dependency resolution etc.

How do I upload my stuff?

If you created something cool other BlogEngine.NET users can enjoy, follow video on the right, read this post on how to convert BlogEngine.NET widget into NuGet package or use any method you like to turn your extension, theme or widget into standard NuGet package. Then register on this site and use “Contribute” tab to upload this package and share it with the world. Want to learn more about NuGet how-to? Check them out.

For theme authors, easiest way is to use Theme Packer tool to generate package file.

The gallery service end point is: http://dnbegallery.org/feed/FeedService.svc and you can use it to browse and upload packages just as you would with any standard NuGet source using Visual Studio. Skills you get playing with gallery will fully apply in your other .NET projects.