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Anti-Stress Toys: These gadgets can help you calm yourself down

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Anti-Stress Toys: These gadgets can help you calm yourself down

Anti-stress toys are intended to help keep your nerves in the short term

Everyone knows that one day when nothing works. As if the situation weren’t stressful enough, anger and frustration add to the mix. Some people let off steam during sport, while others lack the necessary outlet to vent their anger. This is where anti-stress toys can be useful.

Statistics from Swiss Life show that 63 percent of German employees find the stress level in their job to be high. The insurance and financial consulting company conducted a representative study in cooperation with the opinion research institute YouGov. 2027 people took part in it (online). Although the results were already recorded in 2019, it can be assumed that the pressure to perform in many households increased with the start of the corona pandemic and the resulting mobile office. There are handy gadgets for home use to reduce stress or to cope better with stressful situations. We present a few of them to you here.

1. Anti-Stress Cube

Do you get nervous easily in stressful situations? Then this cube could be a welcome distraction for you – or more specifically your fingers. It consists of six pages that have been designed differently. You can press and rotate, click and roll or even move things on it. This is to reduce stress. You can get the cube here.

2. Anti-stress toy set

Focusing on something else is especially beneficial for reducing stress levels. Like this toy collection, for example, consisting of twelve different gadgets that can be squeezed and pulled apart, twisted and squeezed. This is said to have a calming effect on the body. You can get the whole set here.

3. Anti Stress Magnetic Balls

As you can already guess from the name, this anti-stress toy consists of magnetic balls. When put together, creative structures are created that not only promote your spatial thinking, but also help to reduce stress. And by the way, the magnetic balls also have a practical use, as they stick to refrigerators and pin boards, magnetic boards and whiteboards. You can get the balls here.

4. Anti Stress Squishies Doll

When the stress level rises noticeably, it’s time to let off steam. For example on this squishies doll made of environmentally friendly PU foam, which you can squeeze as you wish. The special thing about the anti-stress toy is that it returns to its original shape after each squeeze. If you need an even larger test object, you can contact this oversized one strawberry let off steam You can get the doll here.

5. Anti-stress coloring book

This coloring book for adults lives up to its title: “Shut up, I paint”. It contains various swear words that you can color in with felt-tip pens or colored pencils. Painting should help to calm down and to get rid of all the stress, but also other problems. You can get the book here.

6. Anti-stress mug

There is hardly a creature that radiates more serenity than a sloth. And since tea is known to calm the nerves, this anti-stress cup combines both components in one product. If the pressure is particularly high, this mug should remind you to just take a deep breath from time to time. On that note: ooommm. You can get the cup here.

7. Fidget Cube against stress

This Fidget Cube was also specially developed to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. This should be made possible by twelve pages with different structures (made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic), which you can click and turn, roll and snip, among other things. This will allow your body and mind to relax better. You can get the cube here.

8. Rag doll against stress

It’s not without reason that this doll says: “If you’re stressed, box me”. In fact, the toy is designed to help you relieve stress and anger or even aggression – just by hitting it once in a while. And so that the doll named Max can withstand your blow, she has special suction pads. You can get the anti-stress toy here.


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