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Arnie gave his son these food tips to get in top shape

Joe Baena graces the May cover of Men’s Health. Papa Arnold Schwarzenegger’s genes and these diet tips helped him build muscle

He’s a spitting image of his father, but Joseph Baena still wants to make it in Hollywood without the famous last name. The 24-year-old is the illegitimate son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his housekeeper at the time, Mildred Baena. After training as a real estate agent, however, Baena would now rather follow in his father’s acting footsteps. And to get in shape for coveted roles in action movies, he spends a lot of time in the gym.

However, the Arnie scion is not obsessed with a perfect body, because: “There are so many other things that are more important to me than fitness. I try to keep the balance between a healthy lifestyle, my family, my friends and having fun work.” It’s not all about fitness and his body for him, he says in an interview with US colleagues from Men’s Health.

But he’s really impressive, after all Baena seems to have put on a few more weights for the cover shoot of Men’s Health. In the USA he already adorned the cover in March, here he is the title hero of the May 2022 issue. But the young actor has not only attracted the training workload, but also adjusted his diet in order to strive for optimal muscle building.

Joe Baena’s Diet Strategy

“What my dad taught me: hands off schnitzel, schnapps and Kaiserschmarrn,” reveals Joseph with a smile at the beginning of the video. And apparently that’s not so easy sometimes, because sweets and fast food are what he likes the most. “I really have to discipline myself to resist sweets, pastries and greasy foods.” During the last shooting of the film “Lava” he found it difficult to continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet because he was not in his usual surroundings and often could not prepare the food himself. Nevertheless, he made it and presented a well-trained and athletic body in front of the camera.

His diet secret? Here he reveals what he usually eats in a day.

1. Breakfast: omelet and avocado toast

“I basically eat the same thing for breakfast almost every day,” says Baena. “I often make a four-egg omelet with spinach or mushrooms.” It’s topped with hot salsa sauce or sriracha and served with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with avocado, seasoned with pepper and a few chilli flakes Baena loves it spicy and says she is “obsessed” with avocado toast.

Recipe tip: Alternatively, try this ham omelette and enjoy it with 2 slices of wholemeal toast.

2. Lunch: Salad with chicken or turkey

For lunch, Baena goes for light fare, like a salad with high-protein chicken or turkey breast, like in this recipe. Lean poultry meat provides little fat and a lot of protein, which is easy to digest and is therefore the optimal basis for healthy muscle building.

3. Snack: Post-workout protein shake

Joe works out either in the morning or late at night, then grabs a protein shake on the way home. However, he doesn’t mix it with water or milk, but follows a tip from Arnie: “My father taught me to prepare my protein shake with orange juice. Since I don’t like to drink milk, that’s ideal for me.” In addition to the protein powder, a banana, a handful of fresh baby spinach and berries also end up in his after-workout shake. If he wants to gain mass, he also mixes in some creatine. This is how much creatine you should take to increase your maximum strength.

In addition, the Schwarzenegger scion relies on a few other supplements: “In addition to protein powder and creatine, I also take fish oil capsules and turmeric.” Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and good for the joints. The omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil are vital and have a positive effect on our cardiovascular system and brain performance. Instead of taking capsules, you can also cover your omega-3 needs with these foods.

Product tip: When it comes to protein powder, rely on high-quality whey (whey protein) like that from ESN to optimally supply your muscles with protein building blocks.

4. Dinner: Poultry or meat substitutes

At home, Baena loves to cook recipes with healthy and high-protein ingredients, like chicken or ground turkey. He also has a penchant for Mediterranean cuisine. “Lately, I’ve been trying out a lot of plant-based meat substitutes,” he reveals. “They’re easy to digest and I sleep better after dinner. Steaks sometimes give me nightmares – it’s weird!”

5. Cheat Days: Shawarma

“I love pastries and cakes of all kinds. My mum often bakes and unfortunately I have to do without – that’s really hard for me,” reveals the likeable actor. But of course he also sins from time to time and allows himself a bit of it.

In addition, Shawarma (comparable to the kebab we know) is one of his absolute favorite cheats. He is particularly taken with shawarma with high-quality, buttery tender Wagyu beef.

Baena says goodbye with the words “Keep it simple, keep it healthy, keep it fresh” and we look forward to seeing more of Arnie’s fit offspring on screen in the future.


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