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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

“We’ve got to at the very least get these kids out of the woods…”

In Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13 in which Levi, Zeke, and other literal youngsters are currently in a forest, the term “Children of the Forest” is used by Sasha’s father to describe a figure. Mr. Blouse complains that despite Sasha’s nature and good intentions, her quest was inevitably doomed because it was part of her nature.

Sasha returned with victories, but she remained in the line of fire to an extent. Her very presence compelled her to continue. Sasha’s father eloquently states that people may believe they have left the forest when they think it is far behind them, only to find out that this clearing is yet another piece of an even larger wooded area.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13

There’s an exquisite moment in which Mikasa and Armin reflect on Eren and the Survey Corps’ actions in terms of whether they’ve acted freely or been too systematically misled and controlled to realize that the situation is different. Eren has yet to emerge from the forest, but he is unaware of it. Other characters like Sasha were never able to leave the forest, and as Attack on Titan draws closer to its conclusion, Eren’s chance of escaping or remaining a “Child of the Forest” indefinitely grows.

Ben And Mia

When “Ben” and “Mia” enter a little cafe with the Blouse family, “Children of the Forest” immediately has palpable tension. It’s remarkable how quickly this episode’s danger springs into action, and how it almost plays in reverse to how previous episodes have worked and prepared the viewer.

In “Children of the Forest: Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13,” the Blouse family inadvertently houses the very person who murdered their daughter, Sasha, in “Counterfeit,” but Attack on Titan was unable to go full-on Last House on the Left or A Clockwork Orange while exploring retribution in “Counterfeit.” However, “Children of the Forest” is rather unpleasant. In this episode, numerous individuals are compelled to pay for their mistakes (and dnbegallery is not telling you where it goes).

Attack on Titan

There has been a retributive mentality in Attack on Titan’s final season, with characters feeling compelled to fight and create more conflict as a result of the longstanding sins of the father that have now been passed down for generations.

About The Other Characters

On the other hand, there are certain circumstances when it might be more difficult to pull a trigger and take a life than it is to give someone a hug and attempt to understand and offer compassion. Eren and Niccolo (and even Kaya in what’s a devastating assault) have resorted to violence as the only alternative that makes sense because if they’re not doing it correctly, everything else they’ve done thus far has been a lie.

Sasha’s father is a remarkable individual who has suffered more than any other on a personal level, which is why it’s such an audacious, kind act for him to refuse to take Gabi’s life despite her acceptance that it was justified. It’s especially challenging to make this choice when Niccolo is shrieking in his face about the criticality of ending this child’s life.

Children of the Forest

Mr. Blouse

Mr. Blouse is one of the few characters who has the insight to realize that Gabi’s death only extends the cycle that resulted in his daughter’s death in the first place. He chooses compassion and considers the future over base instincts of vengeance and immediate gratification. If other people acted like Mr. Blouse, Marley and Eldia wouldn’t be in such a bad position, and they might have a realistic chance at a future where they could live together in peace.

Even when a second domino takes a while to fall over, Attack on Titan has always been excellent in showing the ripple effect of actions. Sasha’s father’s kindness here is beautiful, and it gives hope for a positive conclusion, but wondering how the indirect consequence of sparing Gabi’s life will play out is even more terrifying.


Gabi is just as excited and inspired as Eren at this time, but it doesn’t appear like Mr. Blouse’s compassion will convert her into a pro-Eldia player any time soon. It’s getting easier to picture the series with Gabi taking out Eren or one of the major players, which means that if Blouse removed her from the equation right now, things would be considerably different. It’s possible that Blouse may have sealed his own doom without realizing it, and it’ll be fascinating to see where this one simple action takes the series.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13


Niccolo’s impulsive assault on Falco and Gabi with a wine bottle results in an unexpected turn, revealing how many levels of deceit the public has been under. It appears that Eldian wine is actually Zeke’s spinal fluid, which is more disturbing than “Soylent Green is people.” Bon appétit. Enjoy the flavor of rich tannins and biological manipulation. This information also seems to suggest that someone else needs to eat their problems for them, which may be the answer to this war.

Zeke’s Wine Fluid

This power is merely transferred and hopefully, things will improve the next time around, and the individual in question won’t go insane. The greatest answer to this issue turns out not to be a solution, but rather a method for hanging on until it’s time to do everything over again. Titan, rinse, repeat. The wine’s news of Zeke’s spinal fluid adding to the controversy. He had a significant role in the current form of the Titan world, and these choices are far beyond haunting him, but they have a lasting impact on those who find out for the first time.

Zeke Yeager

The calm moment between Levi and Zeke as they wait in the woods for their chance to attack is strangely soothing. Everyone is caught between a rock and a hard place, having to compromise their beliefs in some way, but there’s real hatred and respect between Zeke and Levi that makes these moments really stick.

The following is an example of Zeke’s disrespect for the target of his attack, who he refers to as a nameless city. Even though Levi interjects and informs him that the town’s name was Ragako, Zeke coldly rejects this assertion. Levi still has strong memories of individuals who have been harmed throughout time, but Zeake has reached a point where he only deals in absolutes.

The Turning Point

It’s a horrible thing to hear Zeke admit his responsibility for the Ragako catastrophe and the Titan gas he released on the public, but it’s no worse than what Eren has done. He even explains this awful war crime in a disinterested, direct way that doesn’t sound similar to Eren. These estranged brothers continue to blue together in an unexpected manner this season. It adds to the intrigue surrounding Zeke and Eren’s master plan and how many “necessary sacrifices” will be necessary.

Attack On Titan | S4 EP 13

The second half of Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13 is just as action-packed, if not more so. As the many diverse threads from the first half of the season collide together with each arrival being more surprising than the preceding, all of Attack on Titan parallel plots reach their boiling point. This season has worked hard to keep all of these strands moving forward on their own, but it’s great to have Gabi, Falco, and Eren and Floch’s new extremist crew back.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13

Eren says he’s ready to talk, but the prospect of what is to come seems considerably more devastating than the attack on Liberio. Gabi appeals for Niccolo not to let the demons win, but it’s becoming more difficult to tell those that don’t fit the bill. Oh, and Levi Ackerman was known for his romantic success. No surprise there.

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