Best Latest Main Gate Designs for Home 2022


A building can only be called a home if it provides a feeling of security and comfort. Your family must have exclusive access to this private space, which must be kept private from outsiders. However, how do you restrict entry and call it your own? Compound walls, secured by sturdy Main gate, of course!

Every property needs a main gate. Besides preventing unwanted entry, they perform many other functions as well. Gateways are the best choice for keeping your home safe from intruders and weather changes. Here we will discuss 25 latest examples, types, benefits, and buyer guides of gates.

Main Gate

What is a Main Gate ?

Basically, a Main Gate acts as a barrier between a closed area and the outside world. It allows you to better control who gets access to the zone and who doesn’t. It’s like an exterior door in general.

What is the Importance of a Main Gate ?

Besides providing access in or out of a home, gates also offer numerous benefits, listed below:-

  • Theft prevention: Crime in the neighbourhood is on the rise, so you cannot take chances with your family’s safety. It is possible to reduce the chances of break-ins and crimes by having a proper main gate.
  • Fence Gates Mark Your Property: Your fence gate marks the beginning of your property and prevents strangers and animals from entering.
  • The privacy: By installing an external gate, you won’t have to compromise on your private time with your family. When it is closed, the onlookers will not be able to see the scene directly.
  •  Enhances Property Value: Yes, of course! Yes, that’s true! Potential buyers perceive a gated property as more valuable and expensive.
  • Improves Visual Appeal: Gates can enhance the appearance of the exterior of your home if they are designed in a way that blends harmoniously with the rest of the décor.

What are the Different Types of Main Gates?

In the market, there are numerous varieties of gates depending on your budget, purpose, and expectations. These are typically made from different materials, such as wood, steel, aluminium, iron, PVC, etc., each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following are the basic types of Main gate operating models:

  • Gates With Swing:– Using hinges secured to a wall, these “door-like” gates swing in a swinging fashion. The doors come in either single or double configurations and are ideal for areas with wide-open spaces.
  • Gates with Sliding Track: Sliding gates are ideal for homes with limited space, since they slide horizontally on a bottom track. Wheels enable them to glide and they come in a variety of designs.
  • The Folding Gates: This type of gate is ideal for entrances with uneven ground surfaces, and they are a subcategory of sliding gates. Doors are attached to each other and folded together.
  • Automated Gates: The gates are advanced and reduce the need for manual intervention. Sensors and motors can be installed on any of these models to make them open and close automatically!

Choosing The Perfect Main Gate for Your Home

Here are some tips to help you make the right choice for your money once you have learned the basics of Gates:

  • Ask yourself, what do you see from a gate when you analyze the structure of your home? Are we talking about privacy here? What Does it look like? Are you more concerned about security?
  • Once you understand what your buyer expects, you can easily translate your ideas into reality. Make sure you know your budget ahead of time!
  • Choosing the right material depends on your requirements. The look of wooden gates is quite classy, but they can be damaged quite easily. The durability of metal gates makes them a good choice. Nevertheless, the climatic conditions may cause them to succumb. Before narrowing down to one material, weigh the positives and negatives of each.
  • The next step is to decide how the gate will operate. Sliders are great for congested spots, but swing gates work well for large entrances.
  • In addition to the other elements, design is equally important. Consider experimenting with different designs and keeping them aligned with the rest of your home instead of sticking with old-school patterns.

            Best Latest Main Gates Designs in India 2022

               1.Double Main Gate Design

Double Main Gate Design

Check out this minimalistic design, perfect for any home. There are two doors on the front gate, which can be operated together or separately. With a latch, you can secure one of the doors to the ground while keeping the other moving. Suitable for pedestrians as well as large vehicles, this gate is a good choice.

  • Type: Swing
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Colour: Black

2. Entrance Type Main Gate

Entrance Type Main Gate

A King deserves nothing less than a “Royal” welcome to his home! Here is a majestic design that fits the description of a Palace gate. With hints of gold, it is made of black wrought iron. You will get tons of compliments when you install it at the entry point.

  • Type: Double Open Swing
  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Colour: Black3

3: Outdoor Main Gate

Outdoor Main Gate

This is a great idea if you want to make an impression on your visitors! Adding a simple, yet attractive gate to your outdoor space can elevate its beauty and add charm. The metal fence encloses your property without compromising the views. There are even metal slats on it to give it a feeling of security and royalty.

  • Type: Swing Operated
  • Material: Iron
  • Colour: Brown

4. Steel Main Gate Design

Steel Main Gate Design

Steel has an elegance and beauty that cannot be matched by any other material. Your house gate’s mirror-like shine instantly catches the attention of those passing by. That doesn’t make your home any more vulnerable! Louvres keep curious eyes away from your home, making it one of the best gates.

  • Type: Swing Double Gate
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Silver

5. Stylish Wooden Main Gate Design

Stylish Wooden Main Gate Design

With this luxury-looking Wooden gate, you’ll give your home a classy makeover. The design features panels of shaded wood that are anything but ordinary. Designed in the style of the vintage era, this piece functions both as a barricade and as a pathway accessory. Moreover, it’s very convenient since it’s a sliding model!

  • Type: Tracked Sliding Gate
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Brown

6. Aluminium Main Gates

Aluminium Main Gates

The lightweight nature of aluminium allows it to be easily molded into creative designs. Here’s an example of a piece that looks nothing short of art! Although it looks delicate, the material is quite tough and hard to damage. We are in love with the idea of a silvery gray home gate against a bright, white backdrop.

  • Type: Large Swing Gate
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Silver

7. Iron Main Gate Design

Iron Main Gate Design

Iron is one of the strongest metals known to mankind. It is literally indestructible and has a supreme strength. Choosing an iron gate can give you peace of mind and help you enjoy a cosy stay in your home. You can simply be assured of zero thefts, as the design makes it hard to get damaged or climb up.

  • Type: Double Door Swing
  • Material: Iron
  • Colour: Black

8. Sliding Gate

Sliding Gate

Are you lucky enough to have an entrance to your property that is extra-wide? You may not want to go with a swing gate in this case. Sliding gates are an innovative alternative. It opens and closes by moving a number of small sliding panels one after the other, unlike regular sliders.

9. Automatic Main Gate Design

Automatic Main Gate Design

The days are gone when you can’t trust your own security guards. Take advantage of this modern marvel instead of relying on manpower. A motor is triggered when a movement is detected by the sliding gate’s automated system. And there you have it! With its wide opening and self-closing feature, it lets you pass through easily.

  • Type: Automated Sliding
  • Material: Iron
  • Colour: Black

10. Folding Main Gate

Folding Main Gate

This awesome gate design will wow the crowd. Designed with four folds, the gate gives you more control over the outdoor area. To open them wide enough, you can fold each of them or simply push them against the wall on either side. On the surface, it may look simple, but the design is quite futuristic and suits the upcoming trend.

  • Type: Folded Main Gate
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Grey

11. Timber Gates

Timber Gates

For gates, Timber is one of the most popular types of wood! As well as being lightweight and easily available, it is also affordable! You can just forget about maintenance for a few years if you choose a brand with anti-termite and moisture-proof coating. Check out this example.

  • Type: Swing
  • Material: Timber Wood
  • Colour: Brown

12. Wooden Double Gates

Wooden Double Gates

This double gate will give your home the look of the old Solid Heavy Gate look.The product is made from wood and has a rustic feel, which fits your description of a barn-style idea perfectly. To let you in, it opens inward as a swing style. Strong currents can be withstood because of its iron hinges.

  • Type: Double Swing
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Brown

13. Privacy Main Gates

 Privacy Main Gates

Unwanted guests entering your private area is a constant challenge for large homes. Installing an internal gate will keep them confined to their “right” places. While you enjoy your alone time, it serves as a subtle warning to others to draw their lines and stay within their comfort zones!

  • Type: Double Swing
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: White and Brown


These 13 gate design ideas are sure to give you major inspiration for your home! You must ensure that the gate designs not only look beautiful on the outside, but also meet the regular safety standards. You should consider more factors than just buying a one-size-fits-all machine, depending on the place, terrain, or climatic conditions! Furthermore, it is advisable to speak with a specialist who can provide you with more information.Hope this Article is more suitable for your ideas and making you select the best design of Main gate for your House.

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