Best Latest Tiles Design for Hall in India 2022

Tiles Design is an essential part of the beautiful makeup of any hall in the house, and tiles are one of the essential accessories. Usually, a hall is where the entire family gathers for meals, homework sessions, or just to relax. The tiles on the walls and floors represent your personality during most daily activities, whether for work or recreation. For a living room or hall, there are a variety of tile designs to choose from.

Tiles Design for Hall

Choose your tile design after assessing the decor and the wall color since it dictates the mood of your hall or living room. To give your home a cozier and Elegant, profound, premium feeling, you should match the floor tiles with the wall tiles.

Latest and Best Tiles for Living Room or Hall:

Consider the area of your house when choosing tiles. Choosing the floor tiles carefully for areas with many movements, such as the kitchen and the hallway, is essential. It is crucial to select the wall tiles according to the floor tiles, so they don’t clash or overpower each other and create a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Avoid too much maintenance by choosing durable and resistant tiles.
  • Especially if you have kids at home, choose scratch- and stain-resistant varieties.
  • For hassle-free maintenance, choose ones that are relatively easy to clean.

25 Best Tiles Designs For Hall In India 2022

We have compiled 25 simple and modern tiles designs for halls and living rooms to give you some much-needed ideas.

Wall Tiles Design for Hall Interior Styling

Tiles Designs for Hall

You can enhance the charm and warmth of your home with these colorful mosaic wall tiles. They come in different colors and shades and can be combined in various ways to give the hall or living space a contemporary feel. This wall tile can completely change the look of your house if it is combined with minimalistic and contrasting furniture.

  • Pros: Long-lasting and durable tiles.
  • Cons: Maintaining and cleaning them may be challenging. They are a little expensive.

Designer Tiles Design for Hall Living Room

Tiles Design for Hall

A stunning modern decor features polished marble tiles on both the walls and the flooring! The interior in this room is done in shades of white and black, with matching furniture adding an extra touch of charm. A beautiful and modern look can be achieved by matching this model with various colors and designs.

  • Pros: Ease of maintenance. These tiles can also be cleaned with just soap and water.
  • Cons: Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning the surface since it stains easily. A little more expensive than expected.

Elevation Tiles Design for Hall Living Room

Tiles Design for Hall

Elevation wall tiles can transform the atmosphere of your living room/hall. In most cases, they are used as a substitute for natural stone. Their rustic look adds a touch of luxury and grace to the area. Various designs and colors are available.

  • Pros: There are several unique designs available on the market. Strongest and most durable. 
  • Easily available. Compared to natural stone, it requires less maintenance.
  • Cons: The darker color variants may appear dull in some areas. An expensive product.

Border Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

An elegant border to your flooring will give your room decor an extra edge. You can complete the tiled area in your hall or living room with border tiles. Ceramic, granite, and other types of flooring require different border tiles. Granite and diamond-shaped tiles finished with a double border of square-shaped tiles are shown here.

  • Pros: Their eye-catching details enhance the decor of your room.
  • Cons: Inlay tiles are more expensive than standard ones, which might increase construction costs.

Italian Style Tiles Design for Hall Living Room

Tiles Design for Hall

Italian tiles are considered the best fireproof tiles in the world. By stopping the spread of fire, they help contain an accident. Several Tile designs, hues, and colors are available, and they are pretty attractive. Their sleek and glossy finish makes them look beautiful.

  • Pros: Their eco-friendliness and ease of cleaning make them a good choice. Smooth, well-polished, and exceptionally durable, the surface is smooth and well-finished.
  • Cons: It requires expert installation due to its proneness to cracking. Using harsh cleaning chemicals on the surface will fade the polish over time.

Contemporary Stylish Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

Your living room will look modern with this flooring tile design featuring light pastel colors in varying shades. Each shade of these tiles is more unique than the next, and they are available in various colors and designs. Mixing and matching them can create an excellent effect.

  • Pros: Scratch-resistant and durable tiles. Easily maintained and cleaned.
  • Cons: Easy to stain. It is necessary to clean and maintain these tiles frequently. The price is a bit high.

Picturesque Style Tiles Design for Hall Living Room:

Tiles Design for Hall

You can give your home an iconic vintage look with these stylish concrete wall tiles. You are combined with contrasting furniture, such as shown above; these tiles in varying shades of white and grey create an exquisite atmosphere in your living room. Many shades and patterns are available in these tiles, and they can be customized according to your preferences.

  • Pros: Their durability makes them a good choice. It is easy to maintain. Environmentally friendly. It’s incredibly stylish and affordable as well.
  • Cons: Spills and stains should be cleaned immediately to prevent permanent damage. When exposed to water or heavy usage, there is a risk of cracking.

Floor Styling Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

These extra-large tiles in your living room or hall can create a unique spacious ambiance. Various colors and designs are available, and they can be customized to create a floor that is uniquely yours. They have a glossy premium finish, and the wooden borders match the wooden tabletop and display cabinet in the living room. Creating a contemporary look in your home is as easy as mixing and matching.

  • Pros: These tiles have several benefits, including their ease of maintenance and cleaning. Scratch-resistant and highly durable.
  • Cons: Tiles made from these materials tend to stain easily. The best way to clean them is to use soap and water or mild cleaners.

Beige Style Tiles Design for Living Room

Tiles Design for Hall

Those who love modern interiors will love these light, slightly washed-out tiles. Polished and glossy, these tiles have an elegant appearance. To create an ultra-modern space, you can match your furniture in pastel colors.

  • Pros: The advantage of these tiles include their durability and ease of maintenance. It is possible to customize your choice of color and design.
  • Cons: A little on the expensive side. Requires regular cleaning because it stains quickly. In addition to being slippery, these tiles are also quite hard to clean.

Grey Color Style Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

The latest trendy colour in tiles could be grey, the new black of interior design. Any style and setting can benefit from these dark grey tiles. They come in various colours, patterns, and designs, ranging from ashy to burnished tones. You can upgrade your home with these dark grey wall and floor tiles paired with modern, sleek, and classy furniture.

  • Pros: They are durable, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant. Easily maintained and cleaned.
  • Cons: They might prevent light from entering the room and create a dreary atmosphere. Both the walls and floors might be expensive if you use the same tiles.

Maroon Color Style Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

Maroon is a shade of red that symbolizes passion and excitement. The living room creates an ambiance that is warm, vibrant, and lovely. Moreover, it creates a vibrant, mesmerizing environment, which is why it is used in social spaces. There are uneven rectangles drawn on the design to simulate the look of a wooden floor.

  • Pros: There are several shades of maroon available on the market, which is quite interesting. Because it is quite a dark color, it is difficult to stain and easy to clean. The material resists stains and scratches. As well as being durable, it is pretty sturdy.
  • Cons: The natural effect can be overwhelming when combined with dark furniture and walls. You may have to pay a little more depending on the shade of maroon you choose.

Victorian Floor Style Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

Families are enhancing the look of their living rooms and halls with Victorian floor tiles, an evergreen concept. A significant advantage of this elegant concept is that you can use a whole number of tiles to brighten your floor. Several colors and designs are available in this vintage design, which has come back in recent years.

  • Pros: They come in a wide range of designs and shades, so you have a lot of choices. Their durability and long life make them a good choice. Maintaining and cleaning them is easy.
  • Cons: There are only a limited number of designs and color variants available, most of which are checks and squares.

Granite Groomed Polished Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Designs for Hall

It is an absolute beauty when used for your hall with its polished and glazed granite floor, ash and black tiles. With a classic sheen, these elegant tiles can considerably brighten your hall. Your hall can be decorated with them in many different patterns and combinations.

  • Pros: They impart elegance and come in a wide range of colours. They are both grease and stain-resistant. Cleaning them with soap every week keeps them shiny and easy to maintain. There is no doubt that they will last a lifetime.
  • Cons: As a nonrenewable resource, it is not environmentally friendly.

Matt Finish Wall Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Designs for Hall

What better than this matte finish design if you’re looking for a throwback to a bygone era? Stunning wall tiles match any floor tile color and furniture to enhance the look of your hall. Matte finish fans, this is the design for you!

  • Pros: Their elegant appearance gives the area a picturesque appearance. Their rustic appearance can withstand wear and tear. As well as being slip-resistant, they are also durable.
  • Cons: Tiles with matte finishes are expensive. Additionally, they give the area a dull appearance.

Spanish Style Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Designs For Hall

You cannot go wrong with an elegant and classic floor tile design for your hall, and this design proves it. Many colours can be used to make Spanish checks, but the most popular ones are black and white. Various sizes and shapes can also be mixed and matched to create a stunning ambiance in your living room or hallway.

  • Pros: Clay and ceramics are used to make them and are handmade. Consequently, the tile has a very long lifespan and is durable.
  • Cons: It is not pocket-friendly at all. The only exception is if you are rich enough to build a house that looks like a palace!

Carpet Style Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

Unlike conventional hall tiles, carpet tiles are extra-large. Create an excellent environment for your home by covering your hall room floor with this design. Choosing the right size and color of carpet tiles will transform your hall completely because carpet tiles come in a variety of shapes and colors.

  • Pros: You can choose from various attractive, flexible, and durable flooring options for your home.
  • Cons: Because these tiles are porous, they cannot be used in basements or other water-prone areas. When carpet tiles are exposed to water, they become a huge mess and are difficult to handle. It can be pretty challenging to select the right carpet tile.

Wooden Brick Style Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

The wooden style brick layout, one of the most important and popular means of floor tiling today, is a truly unique and magnificent layout for your home. As a result, your home’s flooring looks like it is layered with bricks resembling wood. A tiled floor will give your home an air of grandeur.

  • Pros: They enhance any setting with their durability and elegance. Their water resistance and slip resistance make them an excellent choice. Maintaining and cleaning it is easy. Compared to exterior bricks, interior bricks are more expensive.
  • Cons: They will inevitably be uneven. The results are never 100% even, regardless of how much care and effort they put into it. Water cannot penetrate bricks on vertical surfaces. Continuous exposure to water, however, can damage those on the horizontal. As well as being heavy, they are also substantial.

Wooden Tiles Design for Hall Floor Living Room

Tiles Design for Hall

The next big thing in hall tiling is tile wood, which has a unique texture, feel, and look that sets it apart from other tiles. The tile appears to be made of wood, but it is not! The perfect backdrop for your home. There are a variety of tiles to choose from, such as porcelain or ceramic.

  • Pros: Extremely durable. Cleaning is minimal, and maintenance is easy. There is no expansion or cracking in them, and they are highly stain-resistant.
  • Cons: The product is a bit expensive and might not be as attractive as you would like.

Accurate 3D Tiles Designs for Hall 

Tiles Design for Hall

In hallway floor tile design, 3-D Realistic floors are the trending revolution. Using the desired color and image, the floor is ‘printed’. Their glossy finish gives the floor a fantastic look. Various illusion images are also used in these. 3D images are then printed onto the flooring after the standard model has been done.

  • Pros: They are durable and waterproof. UV rays and heat are not a problem for them. As well as being slip-resistant, they are also comfortable.
  • Cons: The price depends on the floor’s size and the design you choose, and the fancier ones could burn a hole in the pocket.

Custom Mosaic Wall Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

When creating these custom wall tile designs, there is a specific design in mind. Depending on the living room’s or hall’s theme, small mosaic tiles are stuck together to form a pattern or image. An image is created by clubbing mosaic stones and pieces in various sizes and colors. Modern abstract paintings can also be created with these. Modern and artistic themes are most commonly associated with these tile designs.

  • Pros: Custom walls are usually designed with the desired style and material so that you can customize them to your liking.
  • The process takes a long time and requires considerable effort. Depending on the area and theme, it can be costly.

Geometric Wall Style Tiles Designs for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

A geometric pattern is created by fitting the tiles together according to their geometric shapes. A stunning effect is created using tiles with contrasting colors throughout the room. Glossy or matte finishes are used on the walls.

  • Pros: Durability is a significant benefit of these tiles. You can choose from a variety of designs. Entirely customizable, elegant, and trendy, and the designs are pretty appealing.
  • Cons: They are a bit pricey and difficult to maintain. It depends on the type of tile you have, such as granite or marble, and how much maintenance you need to perform.

3D Pattern Wall Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

Living room 3-D wall tiles give your space a multi-dimensional look and allow you to get rid of boring flat walls. You choose the pattern, and the wood and tiles are projected into 3-D and recreated on your wall. It is used to elevate a portion of the wall or cover the entire hall with these patterns.

  • Pros: They can give your living space the needed bling and elevate it. Design options are endless.
  • Cons: The price is relatively high. If you are looking for unique products that can be customized to your needs, you might find it difficult to find dealers who can do so. The maintenance of this type of system can also be challenging.

Ceramic Style Wall Tiles Design for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

A mixture of clays is used to make ceramic tile at high temperatures. There are two types of ceramic tiles: glazed and unglazed. It is known that glazed ceramic tiles have lasted for decades, which makes them the preferred type among households. A textured or unglazed tile has a slight texture and is less glossy than a glazed tile.

  • Pros: Ceramic tiles last a long time and are highly durable. You can choose from a variety of shades and colors.
  • Cons: There is less flexibility when designing with ceramic tiles. For heavy usage, they are not recommended because they are challenging to maintain.

Laminated Style Tiles for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

The laminate flooring product is made from synthetic materials. A multilayer process is followed by lamination. It comes in various classy colors and simulates wood, ceramic, or stone. There is a sense of elegance and style to it.

  • Pros: Laminate flooring lasts a long time. It is scratch- and stain-resistant and has a tough finish. Maintaining and cleaning it is easy. It is less expensive than the materials it simulates (natural stone, wood, etc.)
  • Cons: Due to its recycled hardwood construction, it is not waterproof. Although small spills are not likely to damage it, it is resistant.

 Marble Style Tiles for Hall

Tiles Design for Hall

India uses marble tiles extensively. A sleek and elegant look is imparted to the floor by these tiles. In modern and urban interiors, marble comes in a variety of colors. Upgraded and appealing flooring in your living room or hallway gives a look of luxury with a glossy finish.

  • Pros: These sturdy stones have a smooth texture and an excellent surface, which is why they are preferred in homes. Regular cleaning maintains the shine and makes it easy to maintain.
  • Cons: The fabric is prone to staining. Acidic and harsh chemicals should not be used to clean it. A little more expensive than granite, but still cheaper than marble. There can be a lot of slipping when it is wet.


In summary, we discussed the design of the tiles for hall ideas and how we can make and create a beautiful elegant Hallway. A hallway creates the atmosphere for the entire house since it is the first place anyone enters when they enter a home. It is always best to make an excellent first impression. Viewers are most impressed by the floor tiles and wall designs. Floor types and wall designs are chosen according to the user’s comfort, and living room tiles designs are chosen based on the theme. As shown above, use tiles for flooring and walls to make your house’s living room and hall look stunning to your guests and family.

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