How To Cancel FYE Membership? Have You Tried These Steps?

Cancel FYE Membership

If you’re a fan of pop culture merchandise, FYE is the ultimate destination for you. Here, you can acquire merchandise related to your favorite characters, shows, movies, and more. However, if you no longer wish to make purchases from FYE, you can easily cancel your FYE Membership.

FYE is an entertainment retail store offering a wide array of unique and innovative products associated with your favorite forms of entertainment. You can make your entertainment purchases either in-store or online, with numerous options available to you.

Should you decide to cancel your FYE membership pass, you can do so through various methods, including email, phone call, postal mail, or online cancellation.

What Is FYE? FYE Backstage Pass

Whether you’re devoted to Batman, a fan of Wakanda Forever, a collector of Naruto merchandise, or using Groot as your Christmas decoration, FYE has everything you need. FYE allows you to purchase merchandise related to your favorite entertainment modes, including movies, shows, music, games, and more, both online and in-store.

FYE offers its members the Backstage Pass, which provides several benefits while shopping. If you shop in-store, your 10% discount takes immediate effect with this membership plan. There are two main types of Backstage Membership plans:

  1. VIP Backstage Pass: This membership offers a one-month free trial, followed by an $11.99 monthly fee. Members enjoy cashback on popular brands, travel bookings, gift cards, and various deals and offers.
  2. Platinum Backstage Pass: This is an annual membership requiring a $25 payment for a year. It can be purchased at FYE store locations and provides members with discounts and offers.

How Can I Cancel My FYE Membership?

You have several options to cancel your FYE membership or VIP Backstage pass, including email, phone call, postal mail, or online.

Cancel FYE VIP Pass Membership Through Email

  1. Open your default email application.
  2. Compose an email providing your personal details and VIP Membership number.
  3. Send this email to
  4. Request confirmation of your cancellation from the company.

Cancel FYE VIP Pass Membership Online

  1. Visit the official FYE website and navigate to the Contact Us page.
  2. Complete the provided form with the required details.
  3. Select “Member Cancellation” as your reason for contact.
  4. Submit the form and await confirmation.

Cancel FYE VIP Pass Membership Through A Phone Call

  1. Contact FYE Customer Service at 1-877-351-2131.
  2. Speak with a representative and request the cancellation of your VIP Pass membership.
  3. Ask for confirmation of your request through email or other means.

Cancel FYE VIP Pass Membership Through A Mail

  1. Write a letter requesting the cancellation of your VIP pass membership.
  2. Include all necessary personal information and details, including your membership number.
  3. Mail the letter to the following address:

FYE Backstage Pass VIP P.O. Box 41248 Nashville, TN 37204

How To Cancel FYE Backstage Pass Without A Card?

If you want to cancel your FYE Backstage Pass Membership but don’t have your card, contact their Customer Service at 1-877-351-2131. Explain your situation, and they will assist you in canceling your FYE Membership.

For more information about FYE Backstage Pass membership plans and benefits, you can visit You can also send an email to to request membership cancellation.

Terminate FYE Membership – FAQs

How Do I Find My FYE Backstage Pass Membership Number?

Your FYE Backstage Pass Membership number is located beneath the barcode on your Backstage Pass member card.

How Do I Unsubscribe From FYE Magazines?

To unsubscribe from FYE Magazine Subscriptions purchased in-store, contact representatives at 1-877-813-4977. Inform them of your desire to unsubscribe from FYE Magazines and request confirmation of the procedure.

Can I Cancel My FYE Membership At Store?

Yes, if you purchased an FYE Backstage Membership pass from a retail store, you can also cancel your membership pass at that store. Speak to the representatives there, and they will assist you with the cancellation process.

Will I Get A Refund For Canceling FYE Backstage Pass?

If you purchase an FYE Backstage Pass membership from the store and cancel it at the same store on the same day of purchase, you are eligible for a full refund.

Wrap Up

FYE stores and online shops offer a wide range of unique and fantastic merchandise. FYE membership plans provide various benefits while shopping. However, if your membership no longer suits your needs and you wish to discontinue it, follow the methods outlined above to cancel your backstage pass. If you have any other questions related to FYE Membership and Backstage Pass, don’t hesitate to contact their Customer Service.

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