How To Cancel GMB Membership? 4 Easy Cancellation Modes!

Cancel GMB Membership

Ensuring worker protection and support through unions is essential. If you’re a GMB Union member and wish to discontinue your membership, don’t worry; we’re here to assist you in the cancellation process.

The GMB union, headquartered in the UK, represents workers across various sectors, including public services, manufacturing, and logistics.

GMB Union members enjoy numerous benefits, such as training opportunities, legal aid, and collective bargaining. Joining the GMB Union is straightforward, with details available on their website.

To cancel your GMB Membership, you can contact the GMB Union’s Customer Support department via phone or email. Additionally, you have the option to cancel your GMB Direct Debit to terminate your membership. Keep reading for more details on the cancellation process.

Can You Cancel Your GMB Membership?

Certainly, you can cancel your GMB membership if you no longer wish to remain a union member. The GMB Customer Support department will assist you with the process. Contact them, request membership termination, provide all necessary details, and ask for a confirmation of cancellation.

How To Cancel GMB Membership Via Cancellation Form? GMB Union Cancellation Form

If you wish to terminate your GMB membership, you can do so by submitting a written membership cancellation request to the union.

  1. Create a cancellation form requesting the head of the Union Members or the GMB Union Customer Help department to cancel your membership.
  2. Provide your GMB Union membership details and your GMB Member number.
  3. Include your personal and contact details that may be required for reviewing your union membership.
  4. Request the removal of your personal or work details from their records for complete termination.
  5. Once completed, send this cancellation form to either your local GMB Office or the National Office of GMB Union. The address for the GMB Union National office is – Mary Turner House, 22 Stephenson Way, London, NW1 2HD.

If you intend to join the union, visit their official website or complete the GMB Union Membership Form.

How To Cancel GMB Membership Via Customer Support? How Do I Contact GMB Union?

A convenient method to cancel your GMB Membership is by contacting their Customer Support department via phone or email. You can also use the online chat feature to message their representatives.

Cancel GMB Membership Via Phone Call

  1. Locate the contact number for your local GMB office. GMB Union has various regions and offices in the United Kingdom, so you’ll need to call your local office. You can find the contact number easily on their official website.
    • For instance, the contact number for GMB Union Office Wakefield is +44 345 337 7777, for GMB Union office Bristol is +44 117 955 4470, and for GMB Union London Office is +44 20 7391 6700. Visit the official page to find your local GMB Union office number.
  1. Once you’ve dialed their helpline, you’ll be connected to a Union representative.
  2. Request the representative to cancel your GMB Membership.
  3. Provide them with your membership details and number, as well as your contact information. They may ask for the reason for cancelling your membership, so be prepared to explain.
  4. Follow the representative’s instructions to complete the cancellation process.

Cancel GMB Membership Via Email

If you prefer not to call the representatives to cancel your membership, you can send an email requesting cancellation to the officials.

  1. Open your email app and compose an email to cancel your GMB membership.
  2. In the subject box, write “Request To Cancel GMB Membership.” In the email body, state your desire to cancel your membership and provide your personal and membership details, including the membership number.
  3. After composing the email, send it to The GMB Union will contact you regarding your cancellation request.

Can You Cancel GMB Membership Online? Cancel GMB Membership Via Live Chat

You can also cancel your GMB Membership online by using the Live Chat feature to communicate with Union representatives. Visit the GMB Union National Office page, fill in your name, email, and GMB member number under the “Contact Us” section. In the message box, request the cancellation of your GMB Membership. Click the “Submit Message” button to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cancel GMB Direct Debit?

Yes, cancelling your GMB Direct Debit is a straightforward process. Simply contact your bank and request the cancellation of the Direct Debit. You’ll need to provide certain information, including:

  • The organization name you are funding
  • Your bank or building society account number
  • The account’s name(s)
  • The branch sorting code
  • Your company’s reference for customers

What Does GMB Membership Cost?

GMB membership costs $14.57 per month.

How Can I Find My GMB Membership Number?

If you’ve misplaced your GMB Membership number, you can find it on your GMB Membership card, typically provided when you join the union. You may also find your membership number in emails from GMB. Additionally, you can locate your GMB Membership number by logging into your MyGMB account. If you’re still unable to find it, contact your local GMB office for assistance.


These steps will guide you in successfully cancelling your GMB membership, enabling you to explore other options. If you’re leaving the union due to dissatisfaction with its performance, consider exploring alternatives or working with the union to address your concerns before terminating your membership.

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