How To Cancel Total Adblock Subscription? 3 Methods!!

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In the digital age, online advertisements have become ubiquitous, yet many users opt for ad-blocking software, which can impact publishers financially. This article provides guidance on canceling Total AdBlock, should you be one of those users looking to support your favorite websites.

Total AdBlock, a prominent ad-blocking tool, empowers users to eliminate banners, pop-ups, and online ads while browsing the web. It’s accessible as a browser extension and has gained popularity among individuals seeking relief from intrusive advertisements.

However, to support your preferred websites through non-intrusive ads, you might need to uninstall Total AdBlock.

Cancellation options include terminating your Total AdBlock subscription or deactivating its auto-renewal feature. You can initiate the cancellation process by submitting a request through their cancellation form, contacting their team via phone, or sending an email.

Is Canceling Your Total AdBlock Subscription Possible?

All monthly Total AdBlock subscriptions auto-renew, necessitating cancellation or deactivation of auto-renewal.

For those with a 12-month subscription, it’s advisable to cancel within the initial 30 days.

If you have a monthly subscription, ensure cancellation within 14 days.

How to Cancel Your Total AdBlock Subscription

If you disagree with changes to the service or the agreement, you can cancel at any point during the term.

Navigate to ‘Manage Billing Preferences’ in your control panel to manage your billing settings.

Alternatively, complete a cancellation form to cancel your Total AdBlock Subscription. Ensure the information provided is accurate to facilitate a smooth cancellation process. After filling out the form, click ‘Cancel Now’ to submit it.

Canceling Total AdBlock Subscription via Phone Canceling a Total AdBlock subscription over the phone is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Call Total AdBlock customer service at 833-201-8682 and connect with a team member.
  2. Request the cancellation of your subscription, providing any necessary account details.
  3. Follow the representative’s instructions to confirm the cancellation.
  4. Note any emails or confirmation numbers related to the cancellation.

Canceling Total AdBlock Subscription via Email

If phone cancellation is impractical, you can conveniently cancel via email. Here’s how:

  • Compose an email to the Adblock Team from your email account.
  • Use the subject line “Subscription Cancellation Request” or express your desire to cancel Total AdBlock.
  • In the email body, include relevant details such as account information, reasons for cancellation, and the desired cancellation date.
  • Send the email to and await the team’s response.
  • Retain copies of confirmation emails from Total AdBlock and the cancellation email.

How To Uninstall Total Adblock?

Uninstalling Total AdBlock To uninstall Total AdBlock from various platforms:

  • For Chrome: Open Chrome, visit the Extensions Page, locate Total AdBlock, click Remove, and confirm the removal.
  • For Edge: Open Edge, access the Extensions Page, find Total AdBlock, and remove it.
  • For Firefox: Open Firefox, navigate to the Extensions Page, locate Total AdBlock, click and confirm removal.
  • For Android: Open the Total AdBlock App, press and hold the app, and click Delete to confirm removal.
  • For iOS: Open the Total AdBlock App, press and hold the app, and click Delete to confirm removal.

Requesting a Refund from Total AdBlock You can obtain a full refund from Total AdBlock by canceling a 12-month subscription within 30 days or a one-month subscription within 14 days. To request a refund, email their billing department at

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Contact Total Adblock?

For additional inquiries to contact Total AdBlock, visit Total AdBlock Help Support & Center.


Managing and canceling Total AdBlock subscriptions may present challenges, as cancellation policies can be complex. The intent behind these policies may be to discourage cancellation attempts. However, this article aims to simplify the process, making it easier to end your Total AdBlock subscription and support your preferred websites.

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