How To Cancel LA Fitness Membership Online? 2 Simple Hacks!

Cancel LA Fitness Membership

If you’re considering giving up your LA Fitness membership, whether it’s because you’ve accepted that it’s time for a change or for any other reason, rest assured that we won’t judge you here. We’re here to help you with effective cancellation steps that will work for you.

LA Fitness is a chain of gyms and health clubs across the United States and Canada, offering various membership plans to suit your fitness needs. Members gain access to fitness equipment and training sessions according to their chosen plans.

To cancel your LA Fitness membership, you can initiate the process by providing a cancellation letter. You have several options to do this: online by filling out a form, in person at your local club, or by mailing the cancellation letter to your gym.

How Much Is LA Fitness Gym Membership?

LA Fitness offers both single-club and multi-club access membership plans, with costs varying based on the number of people joining. For a Single Club Monthly membership, you’ll pay an annual fee of $49.00, divided into six-month terms. The initiation fee for a single-club access membership is $99.00, with a monthly fee of $34.99, resulting in a total initial payment of $168.98.

For two persons, the initiation fee is $124.00, and the monthly fee is $69.98, making the total payment $263.96. Three persons will have an initiation fee of $149.00, a monthly fee of $104.97, and a total payment of $358.94.

The Multi-Club Access Monthly membership also includes a $49.00 annual fee, but there’s no initiation fee. For one person, the monthly fee is $49.99, with a total initial payment of $99.98. Two persons will pay a monthly fee of $99.98 and an initial payment of $199.96, while three persons will have a monthly fee of approximately $149.97 and an initial payment of $299.94.

How Can I Cancel My LA Fitness Membership?

You can cancel your LA Fitness membership by obtaining a cancellation form and submitting it. The form can be downloaded online or obtained by visiting your health club. There are various ways to cancel:

Cancel LA Fitness Online

  1. Visit the official LA Fitness website and log in to your account.
  2. Access the membership cancellation link from your account page to open the cancellation form.
  3. Fill out the form with all required details. Once completed, place it in an envelope.
  4. Send the cancellation letter via certified mail to the provided address: LA Fitness, PO Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92619-4170.
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation email once your cancellation request is accepted.

Cancel LA Fitness In Person

  1. Visit your local LA Fitness club.
  2. Speak to a representative and express your desire to cancel your LA Fitness membership.
  3. Fill out the membership cancellation form they provide.
  4. You can either mail the letter or submit it in person.

LA Fitness Cancel Membership – FAQs

Can I Cancel My LA Fitness Membership From the App? How to Cancel LA Fitness Over the Phone?

No, you cannot cancel your LA Fitness membership through the app or website. You can, however, download a cancellation form from the website or app, fill it out, and mail it to your local LA Fitness club. Alternatively, you can call their helpline at 949-255-7200 and follow their instructions to cancel your membership.

Why Won’t LA Fitness Let Me Cancel My Membership?

If you’re trying to cancel your LA Fitness membership online, it won’t work, as online cancellations are not allowed. You can only download the cancellation form online and then mail or fax it to your club.

Can I Pause My LA Fitness Membership? What Is LA Fitness Cancel Membership Fee?

Yes, you can pause or freeze your LA Fitness membership for a specified period, with a reduced fee. Monthly members are charged $10 for pausing for a month, while full members pay about $35 to freeze their membership for up to six months.

Can I Cancel My LA Fitness Membership and Get a Refund?

If you cancel your LA Fitness Membership before your billing cycle ends, you can still use LA Fitness until your current billing period concludes. No refund is provided in such cases. However, if LA Fitness receives your cancellation form five days before your next billing date, you may be eligible for a refund.

Wrap Up

LA Fitness can be a suitable choice if you’re looking for a nearby gym or health club, thanks to its wide presence. But if you’re dissatisfied with their services or have other reasons for ending your membership, you can cancel your LA Fitness membership by following the detailed cancellation steps outlined above. If you plan to take a break, you also have the option to freeze your membership. For more related queries, visit the official website.

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