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Last chance for the front page

Last chance for the front page – win a wild card for the final!

In 2022 you will have the chance of a lifetime. Together with our partner REISKONTOR.DE we call for the big cover model contest. Here you can win a wild card for the final

You registered for the cover model contest from MEN’S HEALTH lost? Do not be upset! Because it’s not too late to get on our front page.

Nothing is lost yet: with the wildcard into the final

The good news: the contest is not over for you when the application phase actually ends. Our partner REISKONTOR.DE gives you the exclusive chance to win a ticket for the final of our cover model contest at the last minute.

Apply for the wildcard: Here’s how

If you have followed all the notes on the website of our partner REISKONTOR.DE, you now have to fill out the questionnaire below and upload two pictures of yourself, a portrait and a full-body photo. If you have already applied in the regular phase and meet our partner’s wildcard requirements, you do not have to fill out these questions again.

When the application period for the wildcard phase has expired, REISKONTOR.DE will determine a winner who, together with 9 regular applicants from our CMC, will be invited to the big final shooting at the end of June in Hamburg. The wildcard phase ends on April 24, 2022.


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