Latest Blouse Designs Patterns Ideas 2022

Blouse with heavy Maggam work

The process of selecting the trendiest blouse designs patterns for the coming year has become a must-have because these blouse designs should be compatible with both a saree or lehenga, and with so many options available in the market, we are spoiled for a reason. A blouse is a simple yet timeless piece of female clothing that has found a place in most women’s closets for decades and continues to make a significant contribution to them even today.  More often than not, the types of blouses you select for your saree outfit can make or break it, so it is extremely important to make the right decision when selecting the blouse patterns for your saree outfit. We have gathered a list of latest blouse designs 2022 that you’ll be smitten with, ranging from the most fundamental to the most exotic. No matter if you’re looking for a blouse pattern to wear with a simple saree, a bridesmaid lehenga or a bridal lehenga, these new blouse patterns for 2022 will surely inspire you.

Having a wardrobe full of blouses is never a bad idea. It is not uncommon for people to have blouses made, then choose sarees to match them. When you have sudden parties or weddings to attend, having a variety of blouses can be a lifesaver. Your blouse can completely change the look of the saree, so it is best to always look for the latest blouse designs. The variety of saree blouse designs is endless every year, so you can never run out of options.

Here are the following tips will help you pick a new blouse design for your saree:

Blend It With The Saree blouse

It could be a style disaster if you pair a printed saree with a printed blouse. You can only wear this combination if the design on the saree and blouse are the same. In general, if the saree is printed, the blouse should be plain, and vice versa. Embroideries and prints cannot be mixed unless they have the same color range and motif.

1.Adapt to the Occasion blouse

Choosing the right blouse for your saree can make the whole outfit stand out. With a designer blouse, even a plain saree can be transformed into something glamorous. You should, however, choose blouse designs that are appropriate for the occasion. In contrast to designer blouses, you should choose simple blouse backs for formal sarees.

2.Neck Designs blouse

Boat neck designs, high necks, halter necks, and peter pan collar necks are some of the many neck designs to choose from. Although there are a lot of choices, you should choose the neck designs that are comfortable for you.

3.The Right Back Design blouse

There are many options available in terms of the back design of the blouse, from the keyhole design to the backless design. What are the best saree blouse designs? It’s important to experiment with different back designs until you find one that works for you. You will find something you like among different saree blouse designs.

Off-shoulder blouses or cold shoulder blouses are here to stay. The latest blouse design features applique work, which has been trending for some time. With heavy sarees for festive wear, these look great.

4. Blouse with heavy Maggam work

 Heavy Maggam work is featured on this bridal designer blouse. Kanjeevaram sarees look beautiful with this design, and it gives a premium look.

5. Blouse Design with Short Sleeves or Cap Sleeves

It is worth considering cap sleeves design when stitching a silk designer blouse or searching for cotton saree blouse designs. There are short sleeves on this blouse, and you can experiment with the back and neck designs. This style can be worn with a net designer blouse.


In order to make your blouse design more appropriate for a specific event, try experimenting with different accessories. These accessories can enhance the design of your blouse.


In both old and new saree blouse designs, tassels, also known as latkans, are very common. Your blouse should have these at the back of it, so that they can hang on your upper back.

Lace borders for sarees

The addition of lace borders to a blouse can make it look stylish and sophisticated. This particular accessory has the advantage of being quite versatile, which is one of its best attributes. These lace borders can be used to create both simple blouse designs and fancy new blouse designs with ease.
Embroidery patches are a great way to personalize your clothes
Embroidery patches can be used to create a marriage designer blouse if you are looking for a way to create one. In this way, you will get a heavy blouse that will look good with fancy sarees and will give your blouse a heavy look.

Inclusion of mirrors

It looks great when a blouse has mirror work on it. Mirrors can be used in a variety of ways, from small ones to large ones, and there are so many ways in which they can be used.

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