Latest Stylish Window Grill Design in India 2022

Latest Stylish Window Grill Design in India 2022

Window grill Design is an important component of any home improvement project. The cost of the project is often the highest component. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing a window grill. It could cost you more money to fix problems later if you don’t choose the right window grill.

Window Grill Design

Grills were first installed on windows in 1886 by a man named John Wesley Harbert. Intruders had a good chance of breaking into the house until then because the windows were mostly open. In order to ensure one’s privacy and safety, John invented “Burglar-Proof Window Fastenings” where nothing but iron grills were used!

As time passed, these ‘fastenings’ evolved in a variety of designs in order to increase the visual appeal of the house as well as maximize ventilation without compromising security. 

Top Stylish Modern Latest Window Grill Design in India 2022

We highly recommend exploring these 15 Best Window Grill Designs if you want to make your home theft-proof and giving your home a stylish look as well. 

1. Simplistic Window Grill Design

Window Grill Design

Enjoy more sunshine and air in your room with this simple grill for windows! To create the brick-style pattern, small horizontal bars are inserted between vertical metallic bars on a metal frame. It can be disassembled at any time and is attached to the window walls using screws. The grill not only provides ventilation but also offers premium home safety.

2. Exclusive Decorative Window Grill Design

WIndow Grill Design

Here’s an elegant grill design for windows that improves curb appeal. The design protects the window from unwanted intrusions and offers full coverage. A perfect fusion of traditions and modernity is created by mesh, arrows, and baroque-style patterns. For maximum protection, this type of grill design is ideal for rooms facing gardens or backyards.

3. Window Grill with Modern Design Style

Window Grill Design

The design of this window grill exudes a modern charm. The conventional grill fits snugly into the window cavity, but this one floats above the window to give it a fortress-like appearance. A double layer of frosted glass protects your home from birds and pests. With its simple and elegant design, your home is sure to get all the attention it deserves, without compromising your privacy!

4. Minimalistic style Window Grill Design 

Window Grill Design

Take a look at this one if you’re looking for a minimal, non-intrusive design! A slightly rounded design for looks and functionality is added to the four vertical bars at the center. Metal frames are strengthened and protected by horizontal bars. Small and narrow apartment windows are well suited to this simple design. The white frame contrasts perfectly with the black powder-coated grills.

5. Window Grill Design with Stainless Steel Style

Window Grill Design

Regular iron can easily corrode in areas with high humidity, so stainless steel window grills are an ideal choice. A stainless steel grill is not only rustproof and weatherproof but also looks great. This grill features horizontal steel bars that are alternately spaced, adding strength and stability. Additionally, the glossy steel grill provides a clean and refined look that no other metal can match.

6. Window Grill Design with Baroque Style

Window Grill Design

This is a great option in window grills if your window has an outward-facing sill. The grill is attached to the exterior wall of the window in this simple and aesthetic solution. While the rounded lower half covers the sill and allows you to use it for planters and decorative elements, the pointed bars on top tighten security and give you some privacy.

7. Window Grill Design with Old Vintage Style

Window Grill Design

You are sure to be impressed by this window grill if you enjoy vintage elements. Wrought iron makes up the antique-style window grill design, which is quite robust and durable. The grill prevents unwelcome visitors from entering your home using a combination of vertical bars and arches. In addition, it can be used to hold plants for the green thumb in you!

8. Window Grill Design with Moroccan Style 

Window Grill Design

Wrought iron grills are a perfect match for arched windows. Window frames are designed to fit inside window cavities like gloves. A floral mesh-like pattern is created with Moroccan-style shapes made of metallic bars. It is ideal for independent homes and even resorts with unusually shaped windows that need to be customized.

9. Window Grill Design with White Color Paint

Window Grill Design

In modern homes, white windows replace the traditional black ones to enhance their aesthetics. An elegant look is achieved by painting the metallic grill white. As an example, here is a prefabricated design that is ready for installation. In addition to adding a contemporary and airy feel to the room, the vertical bars with rounded ends also increase security.

10. Window Grill Design with Mesh Pattern Style

Window Grill Design

Mesh window grills are popular due to their stringent security. A person cannot even insert their hands or tools into the window due to the crisscross arrangement of metallic bars. You are able to live a peaceful and worry-free life by selecting slightly thicker bars for the grill. As an added layer of protection, the frame can also be used outside a regular glass window.

11. Designer Style Window Grill Design

Window Grill Style

Let your artistic side shine through with this unique grill design! Cast iron makes up the entire frame, ensuring durability and strength. The leaves and flowers pattern adds a creative touch to the exteriors and can be customized to meet your needs. To increase the visual beauty of a room, it can also be installed on the interior side. Generally, these designs are recommended for homes that are on higher floors or have a high level of security.

12. Iron Window Grill Design With Wrought Style 

Window Grill Design

In addition to adding style to your home’s exterior, this wrought-iron window grill prevents nosy intruders from peering in. A window grill made from wrought iron is known for its heavyweight, superior strength, and durability. This ornamental pattern features leaves and flowers with a touch of color, and the metal can be fabricated in different shapes.

13. Security Window Grill Design with Aluminium Style 

Window Grill Design

Window grills are made of aluminum, which is a lightweight and low-maintenance material. Aluminum is not easy to break, so don’t be fooled by its delicate looks. It scores highly in terms of security as it is not easily broken. The rust-proof material will not corrode if excessive moisture is present in the air. For the first layer of protection, this tightly woven mesh screen can be added to the glass louvers.

14. Pot Holding Style Window Grill Designs 

Window Grill Design

This multipurpose window grill offers both protection and support for planters. Attached to the external side of the grill are rings for holding small pots. Vertical bars are fabricated with decorative elements to complement the beauty of your plants. For balconies and gardens, this idea would make an excellent window grill.

15. Window Grill Design for Corner Style

Window Grill Design

Special grills are needed for windows located on corners that align with the ‘V’ shape arrangement. If you prefer a mesh pattern, you can use simple vertical bars such as this. A central vertical bar divides the two sides of the frame in a unique open-book shape. For the other window grilles in the room, the same pattern can be used.


These are some of the latest window grill designs you can try this season. It is important to keep in mind that a grill serves as a safety measure for a house, so it is also essential to pay attention to the material. Choose durable, weather-proof materials and get them designed in a fool-proof pattern that offers good looks and safety. For any Queries or questions? Feel free to ask and drop your comments below.

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