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Everything About Yukio Blue Exorcist

Everything About Yukio Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist: The Dark Fantasy Anime

The Blue Exorcist is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Kazue Kato. Rin Okumura, a teenager who learns he and his twin brother Yukio are the children of Satan, conceived via a human woman, and that he is Satan’s heir. When their guardian is murdered, Rin joins True Cross Academy to study to be an exorcist under Yukio’s instruction in order to destroy his father Satan.

Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine published the manga’s first volume on April 30, 2009. Twenty-seven tankōbon volumes have been published to date. Viz Media acquired the rights for North American distribution and released the series’ debut book in April 2011. Aniplex of America also publishes English-language versions of the anime’s DVDs.

Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist is an anime TV series produced by A-1 Pictures and aired on TV Tokyo between April and October 2011. An anime film, Blue Exorcist: The Movie, was released in December 2012. A second season, entitled Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, debuted January 2017.

The series has been well-received by fans, with sales increasing as a result of the anime’s release. The series was compared to other shonen manga, but it was nevertheless praised.

Plot summary

The protagonist, Rin Okumura, is the son of Satan born from a human woman. As his twin brother Yukio (雪緒) shows more talent than him in almost everything, he is treated as if he was worthless. One day, when Rin wishes Yukio would die so that he could prove his worth; an earthquake occurs and their foster father Shiro Fujimoto appears with two shikigami bodies.

After forcing Rin to know that Satan is the father to both of them, Shiro sacrifices himself to save them from Satan’s familiars intending to retrieve Rin back to Gehenna. The sacrifice causes Fujimoto’s death and the twins are left alone again. Seven years later are accepted into True Cross Academy and dedicate the next three years to become an exorcist.

Blue Exorcist Anime

One day, Rin encounters Mephisto Pheles who invites Rin to join his organization; Shura is ordered by the Vatican to observe and kill both of them should they go out of control as he claims that Satan’s son shall not be allowed to live. The series primarily focuses on Rin’s and Yukio’s adventures as students of the academy, much like any other shonen anime; but also contains heavy religious references and tones throughout.

The story takes place at True Cross Academy (Sei kurosu gakuen), which is a school that teaches exorcists under Exorcism Cram School (Houfuhoshuu kou). The exorcists protect the general population from demons and other creatures such as ghosts that possess humans.

About Yukio Blue Exorcist

Yukio is Rin’s younger twin brother. He excels in his studies, most notably science, and is regarded as one of the top three students in the school. Yukio has an introverted personality, but hides how he really feels to maintain a good image around others. He looks up to their foster-father Shiro Fujimoto, who was their guardian after they lost their parents seven years ago. However, when Satan possessed him during an attempt to retrieve Rin back to Gehenna, Yukio begs Rin not to kill him anymore after witnessing Rin’s immense power that is capable of killing both humans and demons alike.

He then accepts that his powers are necessary for protecting people from demons who possess them and becomes determined in becoming stronger through intense training to protect Rin, Shura, and his friends. Yukio is voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto in the anime television series adaptation of Blue Exorcist.

Yukio Blue Exorcist

In the most recent episode, Yukio’s brand has now spread down his entire arm. When in their human form, Yukio has identical demonic features to his brother Rin (such as pointed ears and sharper teeth). He also has a blue flame and elf-like ears and fangs when he transforms into a Demon. His eyes are teal, as well as his hair, which is dark brown. Two moles under his left eye and one next to his mouth in both forms are what set him apart from others.

Yukio Personality

Yukio has a generous heart, much different to Rin’s generous personality. This is because he lacks the demonic power that his twin brother possesses—despite this, Yukio tries very hard to be an excellent exorcist and strongly believes in protecting everyone, although it annoys him when people treat him like a child despite being extremely mature for his age. However, in truth Yukio would secretly rather be an ordinary human with friends who could live in peace without having to fight demons.

He dislikes fighting without purpose but is ready at all times to protect his loved ones or innocents when needed. He also shows compassion toward weaker opponents even if they are enemies, believing no one deserves to be killed without reason.

Everything About Yukio Blue Exorcist | DNBEGALLERY

Yukio appears to have a very hateful heart toward his brother, Rin. In fact, it is revealed that he does care about him a great deal and appears to even consider himself somewhat responsible for Rin’s demonic nature since he was the one who sealed away Rin’s powers seven years ago. However, Yukio has said many times that he desires to kill Rin because he believes that doing so would fix all of his problems.

Yukio Background

Yukio comes from a family line that dates back hundreds of years as exorcists. His father is the Exorcist Master Shiro Fujimoto and his mother was born into the Mukami family who are known for their mastery over flames. It wasn’t until much later in an omake-manga that Yukio requested them to change his last name.

Yukio Studies at True Cross Academy

True Cross Academy

Since he was young, Yukio has researched many types of fields in order to become more powerful as an exorcist so that he can be of help to Rin when it comes time for him to awaken Satan. This is because he promised their master, Shiro Fujimoto , on the day that Rin would be born that he would always protect him at all costs. He also studied with Izumo Kamiki , who was known as a child prodigy and graduated from True Cross Academy earlier than most people despite being seven years old.

At first, Yukio had trouble channeling his demonic powers but after studying under Shura Kirigakure during his short absence from True Cross Academy, he was able to control them well enough to become an Exwire. Yukio is now a sophomore in the anime at the start of the story.

Yukio Abilities

The demonic powers that are sealed within Yukio are also known as Rin’s birthright since this should have been inherited by Satan’s son instead. However, when Satan intended to use Rin for its own desires, it gave him these powers early on before giving them to Konekomaru Miwa , who could not handle even minimal use of their power because he possessed an unstable soul . Rin ended up receiving them instead and was able to handle their true extent while Konekomaru was given artificial Meikai powers that were intended for Yukio.

Yukio Abilities

Later on, it is revealed that only half of the twins’ latent power was actually sealed and it appears as if Rin had awakened his true powers without even knowing so. During this time, Yukio received a new form of Demonic powers from the Demon King himself : these were wings made out of fire.

Yukio’s most notable traits are his intelligence and strength- he has been said to be at the top of his class by several people and managed to defeat Shura Kirigakure with ease when she tried to capture Rin. He has also shown extremely fast reflexes and agility in battle as well as increased speed during evasion.

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